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“Adult Entertainment”, the debut solo album from Ritalin Boy is here!

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It’s been a long time in the making. Ritalin Boy the man & band first appeared on the music scene in the 90s, and Ritalin Boy recently made a stir with punk-politicos SFH (Shit From Hell), the subject of many a news story. Just google it. Ritalin Boy was also in underground legends The Thin Line and Dancing Wu Li Masters.

It’s a rock’n’roll record! Some punk & post-punk influence to be sure, but Ritalin Boy sure listened to a lot of The Sweet, Kiss, Bowie and Cheap Trick back when he was a problem child taking Ritalin! There’s even a Reggae track. It’s loud, and it’s louche. Rock and Roll.

Ritalin Boy has got a few things to say as well – brutally honest poetry about drugs, sex, love, hate, war, politics, surfing, the apocalypse and puppy dogs.

Recorded at Kuhl Muzik Toronto with Juno-winning and Grammy-nominated producer-engineer Gary Honess. We call him the Wiz cuz he got the magic skills and gear!

Drums: Tony the Torch
Everything else? Ritalin Boy.

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The ultimate break-up song – one last night of bliss before you say farewell forever…

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