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Skeleton Army

Based on a true story. Hitler would’ve banned Rock & Roll – if he wasn’t dead!

About Ritalin Boy

In the slums of Victorian England, drunken debauchery ran rampant. The temperance movement, led by the newly formed Salvation Army, sought to end drunkenness forever, going into pubs and brothels to save sinners from a life wasted on wine, women and song.

They were, not surprisingly, met with stiff resistance – brave, inebriated souls rose up against these prohibitionist party-poopers. Wearing uniforms adorned with rat-skins and flying a skull & bones flag, they sang naughty sea-shanties, made obscene gestures, smashed stuff up, and fought for their right to PARTY!

They called themselves “The Skeleton Army“.

Their battle continues today. A great victory was won in Canada on October 17, 2018 – Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth gave her Royal Assent, and cannabis became legal in Canada again, after a century of buzz-killing prohibition.

This song and video are a thank you to Liz, on the occasion of her Platinum Jubilee.
You rock Liz. God Save the Queen. We mean it man!

This was but one small victory in a long war – a war that continues. Brave, buzzed, soldiers are needed to carry the flag into battle.

Ritalin Boy wants you !

Will you answer the call?
Do you have what it takes?
Will you fight for your right to party?
All you needs is some whisky and some weed!*
Join The Skeleton Army.

*Always follow local laws, and consume responsibly. Never drive after consuming alcohol or cannabis. Always turn the music up loud and dance and sing instead.


Skeleton Army

Spreading the gospel of ending cannabis prohibition everywhere.
Marching with skull & bones & guitar & drums.
Fighting for the right to PARTY! Anyone can join.
You just need to like weed. And Rock & Roll. Easy peasy!

Ritalin Boy Wants You!

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